Friday, November 24, 2006

How Desperate Is Our Situation?

In the aftermath of yesterdays Thanksgiving feast I am reminded of an interesting discussion I had with a young woman recently. She is a vegan who goes dumpster diving to get free food. She only takes the things with no animal products inside. She is a freegan. I didn't know anything about freegans before, but the information didn't come as much of a shock, even if the idea of eating food from a trash can does turn my stomach a bit. It really seems like a pretty normal societal growth when you consider all the "waste" we produce. It does make you question your commitment to doing the right thing by Earth, though. Are you willing to turn down your thermostat in Winter, or turn off your lights when they're not in use, or ride a bike to work, or stop eating meat? Are you not willing to do anything because you think there is more Same Old Shit than Save Our Ship to the warnings be sounded around the world?


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